Upgrading, downgrading or cancelling your subscription

This article will help you to make changes to your Open Exchange Rates subscription plan.

Upgrading from our Free plan

If you're already subscribed to our Free plan and wish to upgrade to a subscription with a higher request volume or other paid account features, you can visit the link below to select your new plan:


When you select your desired plan, you'll be redirected to PayPal to set up your subscription checkout. 

Once you have completed the checkout, we'll send a payment receipt by email and your account will be active immediately.

If you need to use one of our other supported payment methods or discuss any aspect of your account, please contact us and we'll help out.

Upgrading or downgrading your paid subscription

If you're currently subscribed to one of our paid plans and wish to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription, please  contact us and let us know. We'll take care of the details and send everything you need.

What if I forget to cancel my Card or PayPal subscription?

If you forget to cancel your subscription and you're charged again, please contact us and we will refund your payment straight away, no questions asked.

Please do not raise a payment dispute or submit a chargeback claim. This may cause a delay of up to 3-6 months before you receive your refund (whereas we can provide it within 24 hours via email!)

What if I only need to subscribe for one month?

If you only need one month of service with one of our paid plans, you may set up a recurring PayPal subscription and then cancel it immediately (or we can do this for you). Your account will be 'paid up' for the next month, after which it will return to our Free plan. Please contact us for assistance.

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